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A systematic review of Twitter’s hashtags in public health: an example of a globally adopted standard
International Workshop on Higher Education (5th : 2015 : Vic); Universitat de Vic. Escola de Doctorat; Universitat de Vic. Grup de Recerca en Societats, Polítiques i Comunitats Inclusives (SoPCI)
The objective is to find evidence and make recommendations on the use of Twitter in public health,particularly through the study of hashtags(#). This systematic review shows the use of Twitter in different areas of public health: epidemiological surveillance, health promotion, health protection and disease prevention. Articles on this subject published in indexed journals with impact factor show the importance of conversations to engage the attention of Twitter users by using citations (@ user) and retweets(RT); however, not much importance seems to be given to the use of hashtags(#), which are often assimilated to the concept of keywords. Although tracking recurring hashtagsshould be less expensive than computing Twitter content, the potential of hashtaggeddata has not been properly exploited or recognized over the past years, probably due to the lack of efficient tools.
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