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Orthologous and heterologous expression of a protein from Saccharomyces cerevisiae: Optimization for a biotechnological application
Jarió Ruana, Sònia
In this thesis (TFG) the results of the comparison between different methods to obtain a recombinant protein, by orthologous and heterologous expression, are exposed. This study will help us to identify the best way to express and purify a recombinant protein that will be used for biotechnology applications. In the first part of the project the goal was to find the best expression and purification system to obtain the recombinant protein of interest. To achieve this objective, a system expression in bacteria and in yeast was designed. The DNA was cloned into two different expression vectors to create a fusion protein with two different tags, and the expression of the protein was induced by IPTG or glucose. Additionally, in yeast, two promoters where used to express the protein, the one corresponding to the same protein (orthologous expression), and the ENO2 promoter (heterologous expression). The protein of interest is a NAD-dependent enzyme so, in a second time, its specific activity was evaluated by coenzyme conversion. The results of the TFG suggest that, comparing the model organisms, bacteria are more efficient than yeast because the quantity of protein obtained is higher and better purified. Regarding yeast, comparing the two expression mechanisms that were designed, heterologous expression works much better than the orthologous expression, so in case that we want to use yeast as expression model for the protein of interest, ENO2 will be the best option. Finally, the enzymatic assays, done to compare the effectiveness of the different expression mechanisms respect to the protein activity, revealed that the protein purified in yeast had more activity in converting the NAD coenzyme.
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