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Theoretical analysis of a novel integrated energy system formed by a microturbine and a exhaust fired single-double effect absorption chiller
Medrano Martorell, Marc; Mauzey, Josh; McDonell, Vince; Samuelsen, Scott; Boer, Dieter
Integrated Energy Systems (IES) combine a distributed power generation system (DG) such as a microturbine generator (MTG) or a fuel cell with thermally activated technologies (TAT) such as absorption cooling. This integration maximizes the efficiency of energy use by utilizing on-site most of the waste heat generated by DG, and reduces harmful emissions to the environment. This study investigates the energy and exergy performance of an IES. This system is comprised of an MTG with internal recuperator and a novel absorption cooling cycle. The absorption cycle is a single-double effect exhaust fired cycle, which recuperates the heat exchanged from the MTG exhaust gases using two generators at two different levels of temperature. The selection of the DG element, the TAT element and their internal configurations is based upon a real IES commercial unit that has been tested in the APEP-UCI DG testing facilities in Irvine, California. This unit has an electrical power capacity of 28 kW and a cooling capacity of 14 refrigeration tons (49.2 kW). Inputs for the thermodynamic models developed for the MTG and for the absorption cycle are derived from experimental variables that will be controlled in the testing phase. The MTG model is using empirical correlations for key model parameters (pressure ratio, turbine inlet temperature, etc.) from previous studies in order to predict the observed change in performance with part load operation. The calculated mass flow rate and temperature of the exhaust gases are inputs for the absorption cycle model, together with cooling and chilled water inlet temperatures and flow rates. Heat and mass transferefficiencies along with heat transfer coefficients for the suite of heat exchangers comprising the single-double effect absorption cycle are determined from proprietary testing data provided by the manufacturers.
Integrated energy systems
Distributed generation
Thermally activated
Absorption chiller
Exhaust fired chiller
Single-double effect
Absorption cycle
cc-by (c) Medrano Martorell, Marc et al., 2006
International Centre for Applied Thermodynamics

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