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Lipoxygenase activity is involved in the regeneration of volatile ester-synthesizing capacity after ultra-low oxygen storage of 'Fuji' apple.
Altisent Rosell, Rosa; Echeverría Cortada, Gemma; Graell i Sarle, Jordi; López Fructuoso, Mª Luisa; Lara Ayala, Isabel
An extra period under cold air after ultra-low oxygen storage has been shown to increase the concentration of some volatile compounds emitted by stored 'Fuji' apples. The purpose of this work was to assess the role, if any, of lipoxygenase and hydroperoxide lyase activities in the regeneration of fruit capacity for volatile production after ultra-low oxygen storage. Fruits were stored at 1 °C and 92% relative humidity under ultra-low oxygen (1 kPa of O2/1 kPa of CO2); one lot was kept under hypoxia for 19 or 30 weeks, a second lot was maintained for 17 or 28 weeks under these conditions and then stored for 2 weeks in cold air, and a third lot remained for either 15 or 26 weeks under ultra-low oxygen followed by 4 weeks under cold air. Samples were placed subsequently at 20 °C, and analyses of volatile emission and enzyme activities were undertaken 1 and 7 days thereafter. Fruit stored during 4 weeks in cold air after ultra-low oxygen storage showed the highest capacity for volatile regeneration. Higher emission of volatiles by these samples was concomitant with higher levels of lipoxygenase activity. Results suggest that lipoxygenase activity, particularly in the flesh tissue, was strongly related to the regeneration of the emission of volatile compounds allowed by the extra period in cold air after ultra-low oxygen storage and, thus, appears to be a key control point for successful recovery of fruit ability for volatile compound production.
Conservació d'aliments
Food preservation
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