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Seedling development and biomass as affected by seed size and morphology in durum wheat
Aparicio, N.; Villegas Tort, Dolors; Araus Ortega, José Luis; Blanco Ortiz, Ricardo; Royo i Calpe, Conxita
This work evaluated the effect of seed size and morphology on the development and biomass of durum wheat seedlings. Three different seed-grading sizes selected by sieving were used in glasshouse experiments, and a set of three developmental and 23 biomass-related indices were measured on eight genotypes, at two moisture levels. The influence of seed size on seedling development was studied at high and low temperatures (22\12 mC, and 15\5 mC day\night temperatures, respectively), in growth chambers. The area of the seed and the area of the embryo were the seed morphological traits most affected by seed size. Seed size was strongly associated with seedling development and seedling biomass until the complete extension of the first two leaves, at the fourth leaf stage. The rate of first-leaf growth and the area of the first leaf were the developmental and biomass traits, respectively, most sensitive to seed-grading size.
Blat -- Creixement
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(c) Cambridge University Press, 2002
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