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El área funeraria del suburbio oriental de Tarraco (siglo I-IId.C.)
Ciurana Prast, Judit; Provinciale, Emilio; Salagaray, Maite
Imperial Roman burials recovered from the Eastern Necropolis located in the city of Tarraco (Tarragona, Spain) have been examined to offer a complete paleopathological assessment. This research is done in the attempt to provide a clearer understanding of the state of health for common Roman but also to set this information in a cultural context. The funerary rituals performed in this funerary area have been explored and individualized. Biological health data and the archaeological record suggest that these individuals were not living in the extreme positions of Roman society.
90 - Arqueologia. Prehistòria
Arqueologia funerària -- Tarragona (Catalunya)
Tarragona (Catalunya) -- Arqueologia romana
(c) Museo Nacional de Arte Romano
4 p.
Museo Nacional de Arte Romano

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