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Private Label on Food Market. Comparing Spain and Europe. How will be the next 10 years?
Buisan de la Figuera, Isabel
The increasing of PL`s market share is reinforced with the current trend of retailing concentration, the global economic recession and even with the changing consumer habits. These brands to manufacturer brands based on lower prices and less quality. Nowadays, there are a huge range of products in the big supermarket chains and other types of retailing shorts. Consumers can find different types: Manufacturer brands, distributor own brands or private labels. All of them have remarkable differences, from quality, prices, marketing, strategy, shelf location, promotion, advertising and distribution. There are two main strategies use for retailers: Hard-discount where quality is more important than quantity and the rest in which more products in the lines is better. At European market consumers are more accepting PL`s product. Switzerland, UK and Spain have the highest private label share. For these reason, we found interesting to compare both FMCG markets and obtain results that will help manufacturers to face with private labels producers. In Spain, grocery retailers continue to be led by Mercadona. New stores with differentiated concepts are evolving, attracting new buyers. Innovation and continuous working is the key. National Brands should develop attributes that positively influence consumer, buying behavior and are difficult for retailer to replicate (safety, social causes, innovation and sustainability). National Brands should use the new 5 P`s: purpose, penetration, prominence, participation and portfolio. Manufacturers and retailers are looking for new paths for growth in European and Spanish markets. Impulse R&D programs to innovate at their products; on-line sales, grocery E-commerce, changing formats and introducing technology access or the information consumers data to obtain individual marketing, new food sources and brand collaborations.
Tutor: Alex Oset Castilla
339 - Comerç. Relacions econòmiques internacionals. Economia mundial. Màrqueting
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Private Label
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Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

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