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Mission control system for dam inspection with an AUV
Palomeras Rovira, Narcís; Carreras Pérez, Marc; Ridao Rodríguez, Pere; Hernández Bes, Emili
This paper presents a complete control architecture that has been designed to fulfill predefined missions with an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV). The control architecture has three levels of control: mission level, task level and vehicle level. The novelty of the work resides in the mission level, which is built with a Petri network that defines the sequence of tasks that are executed depending on the unpredictable situations that may occur. The task control system is composed of a set of active behaviours and a coordinator that selects the most appropriate vehicle action at each moment. The paper focuses on the design of the mission controller and its interaction with the task controller. Simulations, inspired on an industrial underwater inspection of a dam grate, show the effectiveness of the control architecture
Robots -- Sistemes de control
Robots -- Projectes i construcció
Robots autònoms -- Sistemes de control
Vehicles submergibles -- Sistemes de control
Autonomous robots -- Control systems
Robots -- Control systems
Robots -- Design and construction
Submersibles -- Control systems
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