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Dilaton quantum cosmology in two dimensions
Mazzitelli, Francisco D.; Russo, J. G. (Jorge Guillermo)
Universitat de Barcelona
We consider a renormalizable two-dimensional model of dilaton gravity coupled to a set of conformal fields as a toy model for quantum cosmology. We discuss the cosmological solutions of the model and study the effect of including the back reaction due to quantum corrections. As a result, when the matter density is below some threshold new singularities form in a weak-coupling region, which suggests that they will not be removed in the full quantum theory. We also solve the Wheeler-DeWitt equation. Depending on the quantum state of the Universe, the singularities may appear in a quantum region where the wave function is not oscillatory, i.e., when there is not a well-defined notion of classical spacetime.
General relativity (Physics)
Matèria interstel·lar
Relativitat general (Física)
Interstellar matter
(c) The American Physical Society, 1993
The American Physical Society

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