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Heat transfer between nanoparticles: Thermal conductance for near-field interactions
Pérez Madrid, Agustín; Rubí Capaceti, José Miguel; Lapas, L. C.
Universitat de Barcelona
We analyze the heat transfer between two nanoparticles separated by a distance lying in the near-field domain in which energy interchange is due to the Coulomb interactions. The thermal conductance is computed by assuming that the particles have charge distributions characterized by fluctuating multipole moments in equilibrium with heat baths at two different temperatures. This quantity follows from the fluctuation-dissipation theorem for the fluctuations of the multipolar moments. We compare the behavior of the conductance as a function of the distance between the particles with the result obtained by means of molecular dynamics simulations. The formalism proposed enables us to provide a comprehensive explanation of the marked growth of the conductance when decreasing the distance between the nanoparticles.
Química física
Matèria condensada
Propietats tèrmiques
Physical chemistry
Condensed matter
Thermal properties
(c) The American Physical Society, 2008
The American Physical Society

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