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Variational localized-site cluster expansions. X. Dimerization in linear Heisenberg chains
Klein, D. J.; García Bach, Ma. de los Ángeles
Universitat de Barcelona
Ground-state instability to bond alternation in long linear chains is considered from the point of view of valence-bond (VB) theory. This instability is viewed as the consequence of a long-range order (LRO) which is expected if the ground state is reasonably described in terms of the Kekulé states (with nearest-neighbor singlet pairing). It is argued that the bond alternation and associated LRO predicted by this simple, VB picture is retained for certain linear Heisenberg models; many-body VB calculations on spin s=1 / 2 and s=1 chains are carried out in a test of this argument.
València (Química)
Valence (Theoretical chemistry)
(c) The American Physical Society, 1979
The American Physical Society

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