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Asymptotic flocking dynamics for the kinetic Cucker-Smale model
Carrillo, José A.; Fornasier, Massimo; Rosado, Jesús; Toscani, Giuseppe
Centre de Recerca Matemàtica
In this paper, we analyse the asymptotic behavior of solutions of the continuous kinetic version of flocking by Cucker and Smale [16], which describes the collective behavior of an ensemble of organisms, animals or devices. This kinetic version introduced in [24] is here obtained starting from a Boltzmann-type equation. The large-time behavior of the distribution in phase space is subsequently studied by means of particle approximations and a stability property in distances between measures. A continuous analogue of the theorems of [16] is shown to hold for the solutions on the kinetic model. More precisely, the solutions will concentrate exponentially fast their velocity to their mean while in space they will converge towards a translational flocking solution.
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