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1st National Accessiblity Plan 2004-2012: achieving equal opportunities and full participation through design for all
Plan Nacional de Accesibilidad (Espanya)
Institut Universitari d'Estudis Europeus. ACCEPLAN; Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
According to official statistics, disabled people in Spain number 3.5 million and make up 8.8% of the Spanish population. This group of people are increasingly being recognised as members of society with equal rights, and many of their demands are gradually being transformed into solutions that benefit society as a whole. One example is improved accessibility. Accessible built environments are more human and inclusive places, as well as being easier to get around. Improved accessibility is now recognised as a requirement shared by all members of society, although it is achieved thanks to the demands of disabled people and their representatives. The 1st National Accessibility Plan is a strategic framework for action aimed at ensuring that new products, services and built environments are designed to be accessible for as many people as possible (Design for All) and that existing ones are gradually duly adapted.
72 - Arquitectura
Supressió de barreres arquitectòniques -- Espanya
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