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OncodriveFML: a general framework to identify coding and non-coding regions with cancer driver mutations
Mularoni, Loris; Sabarinathan, Radhakrishnan; Déu Pons, Jordi; González-Pérez, Abel; López Bigas, Núria
Cancer drivers
Non-coding regions
Local functional mutations bias
Non-coding drivers
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Sabarinathan, Radhakrishnan; Mularoni, Loris; Deu-Pons, Jordi; Gonzalez-Perez, Abel; López Bigas, Núria
Rubio Pérez, Carlota, 1990-; Tamborero Noguera, David; Schroeder, Michael Philipp, 1986-; Antolín Hernández, Albert, 1984-; Déu Pons, Jordi; Pérez Llamas, Christian, 1976-; Mestres i López, Jordi; González-Pérez, Abel; López Bigas, Núria
Rubio Pérez, Carlota; Déu Pons, Jordi; Tamborero Noguera, David; López Bigas, Núria; González-Pérez, Abel
Tamborero Noguera, David; Rubio Pérez, Carlota, 1990-; Déu Pons, Jordi; Schroeder, Michael Philipp, 1986-; Vivancos Prellezo, Ana; Rovira Guerín, Ana; Tusquets Trias de Bes, Ignacio; Albanell Mestres, Joan; Rodon, Jordi; Tabernero Cartula, Josep; Torres, Carmen de; Dienstmann, Rodrigo; González-Pérez, Abel; López Bigas, Núria