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National citation patterns of NEJM, The Lancet, JAMA and The BMJ in the lay press: a quantitative content analysis
Casino, Gonzalo, 1961-; Rius, Roser; Cobo Valeri, Erik
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Cobo Valeri, Erik; Secades, Julio; Miras, Francesc; González, José Antonio; Saver, Jeffrey L.; Corchero García, Cristina; Rius, Roser; Dávalos, Antoni
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Quesada, Aurelio; Navarro, Xavier; Cobo Valeri, Erik; Adragao, Pedro; Ricci, Renato; Hadid, Claudio; Almendral, Jesús; Ortiz, Mercedes; Schwab, Joerg Otto; Janko, Sabine; Mischke, Karl; Arribas, Fernando; Wolpert, Christian
Eldridge, Sandra; Chan, Claire L; Campbell, Michael J.; Bond, Christine M.; Hopewell, Sally; Thabane, Lethana; Lancaster, Gilian A.; Cobo Valeri, Erik
Cobo Valeri, Erik; González Alastrué, José Antonio