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A restatement of the natural science evidence base concerning the health effects of low-level ionizing radiation
McLean, Angela R.; Adlen, Ella K; Cardis, Elisabeth; Elliott, Alex; Goodhead, Dudley T.; Harms-Ringdahl, Mats; Hendry, Jolyon H.; Hoskin, Peter; Jeggo, Penny A.; Mackay, David J.C.; Muirhead, Colin R.; Shepherd, John; Shore, Roy E.; Thomas, Geraldine A.; Wakeford, Richard; Godfray, H. Charles J.
Exposure to ionizing radiation is ubiquitous, and it is well established that moderate and high doses cause ill-health and can be lethal. The health effects of low doses or low dose-rates vibrant field, pointing the interested reader deeper into the literature when more detail is needed. It is not our purpose to reach conclusions on whether the legal limits on radiation exposures are too high, too low or just right. Our aim is to provide an introduction so that non-specialist individuals in this area (be they policy-makers, disputers of policy, health professionals or students) have a straightforward place to start. The summary restatement of the evidence and an extensively annotated bibliography are provided as appendices in the electronic supplementary material.
Efectes fisiològics de les radiacions
Physiological effects of radiation
cc by (c) McLean et al., 2017
Royal Society Proceedings. Biological Sciences,

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