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Naturaleza de la interacción en procesos de reflexión conjunta de situaciones de la práctica por estudiantes de maestro
Mauri, Teresa; Clarà, Marc; Colomina, Rosa; Onrubia Goñi, Javier
Universitat de Barcelona
The aim of this paper is to study the assistance offered by the university tutors to joint reflection of practice situations of the student teachers and to identify their changes in their capacity to understand the situations of teaching practice. With a qualitative case analysis methodology, two groups of practicum, with 13 and 14 students and their tutors, are studied for 5 discussion sessions on practical situations that were recorded on video. Data were analyzed using the analysis model of interactivity (Coll, Colomina, Onrubia, & Rochera, 2001) and proposed dimensions of the performance of the participants to support joint reflection to interpret situations (Mauri, Clarà, Colomina, & Onrubia, 2013). The results show a significant diversity in the types of joint activity that are built into the discussion as well as some interesting similarities and differences among the cases studied. There were different patterns of shared activity in each case and also some differences between the two cases concerning the progress in student reflection, according to the distribution of student support.
Formació del professorat
Ensenyament reflexiu
Teacher training
Reflective teaching
cc-by-nc (c) Mauri, Teresa et al., 2015
Universitat de Girona

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