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Infraestructura aeroportuaria para drones
Villalonga Munar, Antonia
Maldonado Diaz, Oscar
This project aims to develop an infrastructure for parcel shipping with drones in the metropolitan area of Barcelona, in the city of Vilafranca del Penedès. At the same time, an analysis of the current legal framework for drones in the civil field is made at international, European and Spanish level. As well as the proposals which are being developed around the world by several companies related with this field. It was decided the analysis and development of this case because of its new existence, in addition to lack of research on the subject. This type of technology is affecting directly every day life's society. Increasing significantly the interest by companies of being involved in changing the way of serving and solving logistical problems, i.e., improving and optimizing some problems, whether they are business or a city-specific. The ultimate goal is to provide an analysis of how the operations of drones will affect to the development of new infrastructures related to the logistics of parcel shipping. The project is based on a theoretical analysis of the nowadays unmanned aircraft and logistics, but also on a practical analysis on requirements for the infrastructure's construction. The structure is based on chapters, where there are described the legal framework affecting drones, the location and its viability, dimensioning and construction of areas and an economic feasibility analysis.
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