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Active audiencies and journalism: Involved citizens or motivated consumers?
Masip, Pere; Guallar, Javier; Peralta, Miquel; Ruiz-Caballero, Carlos; Suau, Jaume
Universitat de Barcelona
Audience participation, in any of its forms and names (public journalism, citizen journalism, participatory journalism, UGC), appears to revitalise democracy, thanks to the opportunities for public debate opened up by information and communications technology. On the other hand, however, there are many authors who question whether interactive technologies really encourage democracy or the market, empower the citizen or strengthen the consumer. In this context, we still have little information on the motivations that drive citizens to actively participate through the mechanisms that the media make available to them on their own websites or through social networks. There is a similar lack of information on the role that users attribute to their involvement in the functioning of the media and whether it contributes to improving their democratic function. This article aims to shed some light on this subject.
Premsa electrònica
Audiència (Mitjans de comunicació de massa)
Participació ciutadana
Electronic journals
Mass media audiences
Citizen participation
(c) Masip, Pere et al., 2015
Brazilian Association of Journalism Researchers (SBPJor)

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