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Influence of EfOM on the oxidation of micropollutants by Ozone and UV/H2O2 in secondary effluents
Vieira, S. P.; Dantas, R. F.; Esplugas Vidal, Santiago; Sans Mazón, Carme; Dezotti, M.
Universitat de Barcelona
The aim of this work was to study the influence of effluent organic matter (EfOM) on micropollutants removal by ozone and UV/H2O2. To perform the experiments, deionized water and municipal secondary effluents (SE) were artificially contaminated with atrazine (ATZ) and treated by the two proposed methods. ATZ concentration, COD and TOC were recorded along the reaction time and used to evaluate EfOM effect on the system efficiency. Results demonstrate that the presence of EfOM can significantly reduce the micropollutant removal rate due to competition of EfOM components to react with radicals and/or molecular ozone. The hydroxyl radical scavenging caused by EfOM was quantified as well as the contribution of molecular ozone and �OH radicals during the ozonation of SE. EfOM components promoted higher inhibition of ATZ oxidation by hydroxyl radicals than by molecular ozone.
Contaminació de l'aigua
Enginyeria ambiental
Contaminants orgànics de l'aigua
Toxicitat dels medicaments
Depuració d'aigües residuals
Water pollution
Environmental engineering
Organic water pollutants
Drug toxicity
Purification of sewage
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