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Prevención y resolución del conflicto en educación física desde la perspectiva de los adultos miembros de la comunidad educativa en las comunidades de aprendizaje
Figueras, Sara; Calvo Lajusticia, Jordi; Capllonch Bujosa, Marta
Universitat de Barcelona
This article is linked to a project focused on overcoming conflicts in physical education through community model. The part of the study referred to in this article aims to analyse the opinions, beliefs and assessments that adult members (teachers, family and volunteers) of Learning Communities expressed on the causes of the conflicts in physical education and the ways to address them.The research has been developed under the perspective of critical communicative methodology; and data collection was carried out in 6 learning communities (3 in Catalonia and 3 in the Basque Country). Adult community members participated by responding in-depth interviews (6 teachers, 6 relatives, 6 volunteers); from which the qualitative / communicative analysis was carried on.The results and the conclusions are organized according to two main aspects: entification of barriers to community conflict resolution (related to chances of success, nfluence of the media, prevalence of other models, difficulties in communication and acceptance of conflict as normal); identification and suggestion of strategies that favour community conflict resolution (related to rules agreement, subject aiming and competition management).
Conflicte (Psicologia)
Educació física
Comunitat i escola
Conflict (Psychology)
Physical education and training
Community and school
(c) Federación Española de Docentes de Educación Física, 2014
Federación Española de Docentes de Educación Física

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