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ACCOMPLISSH 2016: The Humanities and Social Sciences Park
Gili Moreno, Albert; Sabata Fernández, Mònica; Coll i Rosell, Gaspar
Universitat de Barcelona. Parc de les Humanitats i les Ciències Socials. Projecte Minerva - Parc UB
The Park of Humanities and Social Sciences - Minerva Project - Park UB. University of Barcelona’s Strategic Plan for promoting the humanities and social sciences: inclusion of many perspectives and interests • Reflection of the current governing team’s scientific and humanistic vision for the University of Barcelona • A broad, ambitious vision in which the UB and its structures act as one of the chief driving forces in the city of Barcelona and the metropolitan area, a benchmark in the Mediterranean area and southern Europe in terms of economic impetus, cultural vitality and social welfare • Connecting with the European agenda: – Focusing of the Horizon 2020 plan and the EU’s transversal programmes to fund research – European University Association (EUA) → close es to lines of work being pursued on the topics of heritage and culture by the League of European Research Universities (LERU), and the Culture Arts and Humanities Task force of the Coimbra Universities Group.
Ciències socials
Parcs tecnològics
Social sciences
Research parks
Universitat de Barcelona
cc-by-nc-nd (c) Gili Moreno et al., 2016

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