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Rhinovirus Species and Clinical Features in Children Hospitalized with Pneumonia from Mozambique
Annamalay, Alicia A.; Lanaspa, Miguel; Khoo, Siew-Kim; Madrid, Lola; Acácio, Sozinho; Zhang, Guicheng; Laing, Ingrid; Gern, James; Goldblatt, Jack; Bizzintino, Joelene; Lehmann, Deborah; Le Souef, Peter N.; Bassat Orellana, Quique
OBJECTIVES: To describe the prevalence of human rhinovirus (RV) species in children hospitalized with pneumonia in Manhica, Mozambique; and the associations between RV species and demographic, clinical, and laboratory features. METHODS: Nasopharyngeal aspirates were collected from children 0-10 years of age (n=277) presenting to Manhica District Hospital with clinical pneumonia. Blood samples were collected for HIV and malaria testing, blood culture and full blood counts, and a chest X-ray was performed. A panel of common respiratory viruses was investigated using two independent multiplex RT-PCR assays with primers specific for each virus and viral type. RV species and genotypes were identified by semi-nested PCR assays, sequencing and phylogenetic tree analyses. RESULTS: At least one respiratory virus was identified in 206 (74.4%) children hospitalized with clinical pneumonia. RV was the most common virus identified in both HIV-infected (17/38, 44.7%) and HIV-uninfected (74/237, 31.2%; p=0.100) children. RV-A was the most common RV species identified (47/275, 17.0%), followed by RV-C (35/275, 12.6%) and RV-B (8/275, 2.9%). Clinical presentation of the different RV species was similar and overlapping, with no particular species being associated with specific clinical features. CONCLUSIONS: RV-A and RV-C were the most common respiratory viruses identified in children hospitalised with clinical pneumonia in Manhica. Clinical presentation of RV-A and RV-C was similar and overlapping. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.
(c) John Wiley & Sons, 2016
John Wiley & Sons

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