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Does open-field exposure during infancy influence open-field behavior of the same adult mice?
Vidal Gómez, José
Universitat de Barcelona
The goal of this report is to find out whether early exposure of mice to the open-field results in altered behavior of the same adult mice in the same open-field. Early exposure to the open-field was carried out between birth and weaning; two control groups were included: control 2 (mice exposed to a reduced dark space) and control 1 (mice left undisturbed). The (male and female) mice were of the Balb/c and C57Bl/6 strains. Adult C57Bl/6 female mice of the openfield and control 2 groups ambulated to the same extent in the periphery of the open-field, and mice of both groups ambulated more than mice of the control 1 group; no consistent difference between the three groups was noticed on defecation, or ambulation in the center of the field. No effects of early exposure to the open-field were observed in mice of the Balb/c strain. The effect of early exposure to the open-field, or to a dark space, on adult behavior depends on the murine strain, on sex, and on the behavior measured.
Manipulació (Psicologia)
Resposta immunitària
Manipulative behavior
Immune response
(c) Universitat de Barcelona, 2013
Universitat de Barcelona

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