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EsPal: One-stop shopping for Spanish word properties
Duchon, Andrew; Perea, Manuel; Sebastián Gallés, Núria; Marti Antonin, M. Antonia; Carreiras, Manuel
This article introduces EsPal: a Web-accessible repository containing a comprehensive set of properties of Spanish words. EsPal is based on an extensible set of data sources, beginning with a 300 million token written database and a 460 million token subtitle database. Properties available include word frequency, orthographic structure and neighborhoods, phonological structure and neighborhoods, and subjective ratings such as imageability. Subword structure properties are also available in terms of bigrams and trigrams, bi-phones, and bi-syllables. Lemma and part-of-speech information and their corresponding frequencies are also indexed. The website enables users to either upload a set of words to receive their properties, or to receive a set of words matching constraints on the properties. The properties themselves are easily extensible and will be added over time as they become available. It is freely available from the following website:
Corpus (Lingüística)
Castellà (Llengua)
Corpora (Linguistics)
Spanish language
(c) Psychonomic Society, 2013
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