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Neurodegenerative diseases: A protein misfolding consequence
Sabaté Lagunas, Raimon; Raventós Olivella, Judit
Universitat de Barcelona
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Protein misfolding and aggregation into amyloid-like structures is related with an increasing number of both non-neuropathic (either localized or systemic) and neurodegenerative human disorders. Decrypting the mechanisms and implications underlying amyloid assemblies has become a central issue in biology and medicine. Compelling evidence show that the formation of amyloid aggregates has a negative impact in cell physiology, entailing the cell dysfunction and finally apoptosis and cell death. The aim of the present review is to illustrate the currently status of the most common and/or debilitating conformational diseases, from Alzheimer to prion diseases.
Malalties neurodegeneratives
Neurodegenerative diseases
(c) Research Signpost, 2014
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