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Dimensión cuerpo-mente. De Spinoza a Damasio. Imágenes, signos, emociones y sentimientos en el lenguaje
Llacuna Morera, Jaume; Guàrdia Olmos, Joan
Universitat de Barcelona
The aim of this paper is to establish, since the work of Spinoza and Damasio fundamentally, the similarities between the two authors, in order to justify that the controversial brain-mind is not just to be overcome by a vision from the current paradigm of neuroscience and the role the brain as a regulator of human behavior. This statement takes a clear general will to try to shape it in the study of fundamental variables for psychological view of behavior. This option is none other than the study of emotions at large and expressive language in strictest sense. It is claiming the role of Spinoza's Ethics proposition as ajustification of the current development paradigm in the systematic study neuroscientist and eminently psychological of the emotions.
Ment i cos
Neurociència afectiva
Mind and body
Affective neuroscience
(c) Universitat de Barcelona, 2015
Universitat de Barcelona

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