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General and oral aspects in Apert syndrome: report of a case
Villarreal Becerra, Einer Niels; Sánchez Soler, Luis Alberto; Espías Gómez, Ángel F. (Ángel Fortunato); Leonard, R.H.; Herrero-Payo, Julio; Chimenos Küstner, Eduardo
Universitat de Barcelona
Background: The present paper describes the general and oral manifestations in a 32-year-old man previously diagnosed with Apert syndrome. Clinical examination revealed features of acrocephalosyndactyly. The patient was found to have a flattened occiput with frontal prominence, abnormal contour of head (brachycephaly), shallow and downward slanting orbits with bilateral proptosis, hypertelorism, retruded midface, and prognathic mandible.Dental anormalies were present in a patient. Intraoral evaluation revealed normal mouth opening with anterior severe skeletal open bite and Byzantine-arch palate, maxillary alveolar ridges with crowding of maxillary and mandibular teeth, poor hygiene with heavy dental calculus and periodontal pseudopocket, dental caries, severe anterior open bite and crossbite, macroglosia and smooth tongue. The high prevalence of dental anomalies and ectopic eruption may suggest a possible etiologic relationship with the Apert syndrome. Keywords Acrocephalosyndactylia, Craniosynostosis, Tooth abnormalities, Mouth abnormalities, Apert Syndrome
Malformacions dentals
Malalties de la boca
Dental abnormalities
Mouth diseases
cc-by (c) Villarreal Becerra, Einer Niels et al., 2015
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