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Regulation of patterned dynamics of local exocytosis in growth cones by netrin-1
Ros, O.; Cotrufo, Tiziana; Martínez-Mármol, R.; Soriano García, Eduardo
Universitat de Barcelona
Axonal guidance and synaptic specification depends on specific signaling mechanisms that occur in growth cones. While several signaling pathways implicated in cone navigation have been identified, membrane dynamics in growth cones remains largely unknown. We took advantage of SynaptopHluorin and high-speed optical recordings to monitor the patterns of membrane dynamics in rat hippocampal growth cones. We show that exocytosis occurs both at the peripheral and central domains, including filopodia, and that SynaptopHluorin signals occur as spontaneous patterned peaks. Such transients average approximately two per minute and last ∼30 s. We also demonstrate that the chemoattractant Netrin-1 elicits increases in the frequency and slopes of these transients, with peaks averaging up to six per minute in the peripheral domain. Netrin-1-dependent regulation of exocytotic events requires the activation of the Erk1/2 and SFK pathways. Furthermore, we show that domains with high SynaptopHluorin signals correlate with high local calcium concentrations and that local, spontaneous calcium increases are associated with higher SynaptopHluorin signals. These findings demonstrate highly stereotyped, spontaneous transients of local exocytosis in growth cones and that these transients are positively regulated by chemoattractant molecules such as Netrin-1.
Metabolisme cel·lular
Membranes cel·lulars
Cell metabolism
Cell membranes
cc-by-nc-sa (c) Ros, O. et al., 2015
The Society for Neuroscience

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