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The Emerging Human Rights Revolution: The Beginning of the Fifth Historical Process in the Consolidation of Human Rights
Bondia, David
Universitat de Barcelona
Emerging human rights are destined to modify, improve and transform a number of already traditional concepts so as to achieve greater guarantees and protection for the rights of individuals and collectivities. One of the big changes that will be brought about by the concept and conception of emerging human rights is that, following on from the processes of positivization, generalization, internationalization and specification, they represent the beginning of the fifth historical process in the consolidation of human rights, namely the process of interaction. A number of breakthroughs have already been achieved, such as the recognition of emerging biocultural rights in the recently adopted Nagoya Protocol on access to genetic resources and shared benefits.
Drets humans
Human rights
cc-by (c) Bondia, David , 2014
Universidad de Jaén

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