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The permanence of the client under uncertain estimations
Gil Lafuente, Anna Maria; Ortigosa Fernández, Mauricio
Universitat de Barcelona
Marketing has studied the permanence of a client within an enterprise because it is a key element in the study of the value (economic) of the client (CLV). The research that they have developed is based in deterministic or random models, which allowed estimating the permanence of the client, and the CLV. However, when it is not possible to apply these schemes for not having the panel data that this model requires, the period of time of a client with the enterprise is uncertain data. We consider that the value of the current work is to have an alternative way to estimate the period of time with subjective information proper of the theory of uncertainty.
Models matemàtics
Valor (Economia)
Teoria de l'estimació
Mathematical models
Value (Economics)
Estimation theory
(c) Gil Lafuente, Anna Maria et al., 2013
Sociedad Internacional de Gestión y Economía Fuzzy (SIGEF)

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