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Assessment of the glass-forming ability of Mo-based metallic glasses
Lluís Garulo, Marta
Schultz, Ludwig
This thesis is focusing on the development of a new Mo-based metallic glass with improved thermal stability. The adopted route to obtain it is mechanical alloying. The amorphization process is analysed through profile fitting of the X-Ray Diffraction patterns at different stages of the milling process. The thermal stability of the amorphous powder is then analysed by means of differential scanning calorimetry. The objective is to trace the amorphization of a Mo-based system depending on the milling energy that is being realised by mechanical alloying and to study the parameters which enhance the glass-forming ability and the thermal stability of these alloys. For this purpose two alloys are chosen: Mo44Si26Ta5Zr5Fe3Co12Y5, which has already been developed successfully, and Mo44Si26Ta5Zr5V2Cr12B6, which is designed based on the latter, in order to achieve improved characteristics.
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Metallic glasses
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Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya;
Technishe Universität Dresden

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