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Domestic architecture and social differences in North-Eastern Iberia during the iron age (c.525-200 BC)
Belarte Franco, Maria Carme
This paper is concerned with the organization of societies in north-eastern Iberia (present-day Catalonia) during the Iron Age, using data provided by domestic architecture and settlement organization. I offer an analysis of the social differences detected in the dwellings based on a sample of houses excavated at different types of settlement. Although many Iberian houses had simple layouts and small surface areas, some larger dwellings at the main sites are distinguished by the shape of their ground plans, their surface areas, architectural features, and central locations; these houses are believed to be the residences of the Iberian elite. Such dwellings are not found at all sites and the data suggest that there was a relationship between the category of the settlement (or its function) and the types of dwelling in it.
90 - Arqueologia. Prehistòria
Arquitectura domèstica -- Catalunya
Catalunya -- Arqueologia
Edat del ferro -- Catalunya
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