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Why do they separate it or not? Attitudes and behaviors towards organic waste separation
Romeo Delgado, Marina; Yepes i Baldó, Montserrat; Vidal i Moranta, Tomeu; Guàrdia Olmos, Joan
This article shows the results of an exploratory study related to the separation of organic waste in order to offer suggestions for the improvement of waste disposal communication campaigns. The overall objective is to analyze attitude and behavior of those who do and those who do not separate organic waste, related to a specific promotional campaign carried out in two neighborhoods, in the municipality of Badalona (Spain), within the framework of the study of proenvironmental attitudes and behaviors and based on the Psychosocial Four Spheres Model. 1,010 interviews were conducted and data was analyzed using Chi-Squared Automatic Interaction Detector (CHAID). Waste separation behavior was used as a dependent variable. The reasons given to explain why people do or do not separate organic waste and sociodemographic variables, have been introduced as independent variables. In accordance with the Four Spheres Model, results show significant differences in waste separation. Based on the profiles obtained, we find some predictive variables that facilitate the development of communication campaigns according to the requirements of each community.
Residus orgànics
Gestió ambiental
Actitud (Psicologia)
Mitjans de comunicació de massa
Organic wastes
Environmental management
Attitude (Psychology)
Mass media
(c) Universitat de Barcelona, 2013
Universitat de Barcelona

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