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ZnO nanorods for efficient third harmonic UV generation.
Das, Susanta Kumar; Güell Vilà, Frank; Gray, Ciarán; Das, Prasanta Kumar; Grunwald, Ruediger; McGlynn, Enda
Universitat de Barcelona
ZnO nanorods grown by both high temperature vapour phase transport and low temperature chemical bath deposition are very promising sources for UV third harmonic generation. Material grown by both methods show comparable efficiencies, in both cases an order of magnitude higher than surface third harmonic generation at the quartz-air interface of a bare quartz substrate. This result is in stark contrast to the linear optical properties of ZnO nanorods grown by these two methods, which show vastly different PL efficiencies. The third harmonic generated signal is analysed using intensity dependent measurements and interferometric frequency resolved optical gating, allowing extraction of the laser pulse parameters. The comparable levels of efficiency of ZnO grown by these very different methods as sources for third harmonic UV generation provides a broad suite of possible growth methods to suit various substrates, coverage and scalability requirements. Potential application areas range from interferometric frequency resolved optical gating characterization of few cycle fs pulses to single cell UV irradiation for biophysical studies.
Òptica no lineal
Propietats òptiques
Òxid de zinc
Nonlinear optics
Optical properties
Zinc oxide
(c) Optical Society of America, 2014
Optical Society of America

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