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Complications of guided surgery and immediate loading in oral implantology: a report of 12 cases
Abad Gallegos, Marta; Gómez Santos, Laila; Sánchez Garcés, Ma. Ángeles; Piñera Penalva, Manuel; Freixes Gil, Jordi; Castro García, Ana; Gay Escoda, Cosme
Universitat de Barcelona
Objectives: The growing interest in minimally invasive surgery, together with the possibility of fitting prostheses with immediate function, have led to the development of software capable of planning and manufacturing a surgical guide and prosthesis that can be placed upon conclusion of the implant surgery step. The present study evaluates the surgical and prosthetic complications of implant treatment with the guided surgery technique, together with patient comfort during and after treatment. Patients and methods: A retrospective observational study was made of 19 patients with partially or totally edentulous upper and/or lower maxillae, involving the placement of a total of 122 implants. All cases were planned and operated upon with the guided surgery technique. Results: A total of 122 implants were placed in 14 males and 5 females. The intraoperative surgical complications comprised a lack of primary stability, while the postoperative complications consisted of infections and a lack of implant osteointegration. Ten implants failed. The prosthetic complications in turn comprised loosening of the provisional prosthesis screws, prosthesis tooth fracture, and a lack of passive fit of the immediate prosthesis. The degree of patient satisfaction was evaluated using a verbal scale. Conclusions: Implant restoration with the guided surgery technique and immediate functional loading is a predictable procedure, provided patient selection and the surgical technique are adequate, affording lesser postoperative morbidity and increased patient satisfaction thanks to the immediate restoration of esthetics and function
Implants dentals
Període postoperatori
Complicacions (Medicina)
Cirurgia dental
Dental implants
Postoperative period
Complications (Medicine)
Dental surgery
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