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Tarracomap: Development of an archaeological application on Google Maps navigation System
Ramos, Javier; Ferré, Maria; Fiz Fernández, Ignacio
This paper describes the result of a research about diverse areas of the information technology world applied to cartography. Its final result is a complete and custom geographic information web system, designed and implemented to manage archaeological information of the city of Tarragona. The goal of the platform is to show on a web-focused application geographical and alphanumerical data and to provide concrete queries to explorate this. Various tools, between others, have been used: the PostgreSQL database management system in conjunction with its geographical extension PostGIS, the geographic server GeoServer, the GeoWebCache tile caching, the maps viewer and maps and satellite imagery from Google Maps, locations imagery from Google Street View, and other open source libraries. The technology has been chosen from an investigation of the requirements of the project, and has taken great part of its development. Except from the Google Maps tools which are not open source but are free, all design has been implemented with open source and free tools.
90 - Arqueologia. Prehistòria
Arqueologia -- Sistemes d'informació geogràfica
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