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Hog1 bypasses stress-mediated down-regulation of transcription by RNA polymerase II redistribution and chromatin remodeling
Nadal Ribelles, Mariona; Conde Pueyo, Núria; Flores, Oscar; González-Vallinas Rostes, Juan, 1983-; Eyras Jiménez, Eduardo; Nadal Clanchet, Eulàlia de; Posas Garriga, Francesc
Cells are subjected to dramatic changes of gene expression upon environmental changes. Stresscauses a general down-regulation of gene expression together with the induction of a set of stress-responsivegenes. The p38-related stress-activated protein kinase Hog1 is an important regulator of transcription uponosmostress in yeast. Genome-wide localization studies of RNA polymerase II (RNA Pol II) and Hog1 showed that stress induced major changes in RNA Pol II localization, with a shift toward stress-responsive genes relative to housekeeping genes. RNA Pol II relocalization required Hog1, which was also localized to stress-responsive loci. In addition to RNA Pol II-bound genes, Hog1 also localized to RNA polymerase III-bound genes, pointing to a wider role for Hog1 in transcriptional control than initially expected. Interestingly, an increasing association of Hog1 with stressresponsive genes was strongly correlated with chromatin remodeling and increased gene expression. Remarkably, MNase-Seq analysis showed that although chromatin structure was not significantly altered at a genome-wide level in response to stress, there was pronounced chromatin remodeling for those genes that displayed Hog1 association. Hog1 serves to bypass the general down-regulation of gene expression that occurs in response to osmostress, and does so both by targeting RNA Pol II machinery and by inducing chromatin remodeling at stressresponsive loci.
MN is a recipient of an FIS fellowship. This work was supported by grants from the Spanish Government (BIO2011-23920 to EE, BIO2009-07762 and BFU2012-33503 to FP, BFU2011-26722 to EN), the Consolider Ingenio 2010programme CSD2007-0015 to FP and FP7 UNICELLSYS grant 201142, the Fundación Marcelino Botín (FMB) to FP. EN and FP are recipients of an ICREA Acadèmia (Generalitat de Catalunya).
© Nadal-Ribelles et al. Creative Commons Attribution License
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