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On iterative performance of LDPC and Root-LDPC codes over block-fading channels
Andriyanova, Iryna; Biglieri, Ezio; Boutros, Joseph Jean
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
This paper presents our investigation on iterativedecoding performances of some sparse-graph codes on block-fading Rayleigh channels. The considered code ensembles are standard LDPC codes and Root-LDPC codes, first proposed in and shown to be able to attain the full transmission diversity. We study the iterative threshold performance of those codes as a function of fading gains of the transmission channel and propose a numerical approximation of the iterative threshold versus fading gains, both both LDPC and Root-LDPC codes.Also, we show analytically that, in the case of 2 fading blocks,the iterative threshold root of Root-LDPC codes is proportional to (α1 α2)1, where α1 and α2 are corresponding fading gains.From this result, the full diversity property of Root-LDPC codes immediately follows.
Comunicació presentada en la 48th Annual Allerton Conference on Communications, Control and Computing, celebrada els dies 29 i 30 de setembre i 1 d’octubre de 2010 a Monticello, Illinois (EUA), organitzada pel Coordinated Science Laboratory de l’University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
This work was supported by the European FP7 ICT-STREP DAVINCI project under contract INFSO-ICT-216203
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