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Implementación de un Tunnel In The Sky para micro UAV
Ortega Sole, Carlos
López Rubio, Juan; Cuadrado Santolaria, Raúl
El objetivo del proyecto es implementar una aplicación civil para un microUAV quatrirrotor basado en Ardupilot. Durante el desarrollo del proyecto se estudiara el piloto automatico Ardupilot y su integración con programas en C# y Unity. Como conclusión se implementara una aplicación de ejemplo que demuestre esta integración y los posibles usos civiles de los microUAVs. English: This project consist in the implementation of a tunnel in the sky for micro UAV for try to offer a guidance system to the person that was controlling the vehicle. For this, we start explaining what is a tunnel in the sky, the methods that we have to see it and the advantages and disadvantages that brings visualizing on head-up display or on a head-down display. In our case, we use a quad copter,so we will explain how it works, the autopilot that is incorporate and the flight modes that can be done. For communicate with the autopilot and set flight plans, we use MAVLink protocol, we also explain the most common messages that uses MAVLink. After the theoretical part, we start touching the hardware part of the project. We assemble the kit of the quad copter and mount all the sensors and devices. To test the autopilot system and the flight plan, we use ground station Mission Planner. In the second part, we have created our own library of communication with the quad copter by MAVLink protocol, we have verified that we can receive information about the speed, position and angle that will be applied on the final project. For the graphical part of the project, and ultimately what the end user will see, we use the game engine Unity3D, to which we have added the library created above. Finally, we tested the job done in a real flight, in order to take the advantages and disadvantages that bring flying with the tunnel in the sky and future implementations that we need to do to improve the flight conditions.
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