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η'-nucleus optical potential and possible η' bound states
Nagahiro, H.; Hirenzaki, S.; Oset Baguena, Eulogio; Ramos Gómez, Àngels
Universitat de Barcelona
Starting from a recent model of the η′N interaction, we evaluate the η ′-nucleus optical potential, including the contribution of lowest order in density, tρ/2mη′, together with the second-order terms accounting for η′ absorption by two nucleons. We also calculate the formation cross section of the η′bound states from (π, p) reactions on nuclei. The η′-nucleus potential suffers from uncertainties tied to the poorly known η′N interaction, which can be partially constrained by the experimental modulus of the η′N scattering length and/or the recently measured transparency ratios in η′nuclear photoproduction. Assuming an attractive interaction and taking the claimed experimental value |aη′N|= 0.1 fm, we obtain an η′optical potential in nuclear matter at saturation density of Vη′=−(8.7 + 1.8i) MeV, not attractive enough to produce η′bound states in light nuclei. Larger values of the scattering length give rise to deeper optical potentials, with moderate enough imaginary parts. For a value |aη′N|= 0.3 fm, which can still be considered to lie within the uncertainties of the experimental constraints, the spectra of light and medium nuclei show clear structures associated to η′-nuclear bound states and to threshold enhancements in the unbound region.
Física nuclear
Mesons (Física nuclear)
Constitució de la matèria
Nuclear physics
Mesons (Nuclear physics)
Constitution of matter
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