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Physics with the KLOE-2 experiment at the upgraded DAFNE
Bernabeu, J.; Boito, D. R.; Escribano Carrascosa, Rafel; Mescia, Federico
Universitat de Barcelona
Investigation at a φ-factory can shed light on several debated issues in particle physics. We discuss: (i) recent theoretical development and experimental progress in kaon physics relevant for the Standard Model tests in the flavor sector, (ii) the sensitivity we can reach in probing CPT and Quantum Mechanics from time evolution of entangled-kaon states, (iii) the interest for improving on the present measurements of non-leptonic and radiative decays of kaons and η/ η' mesons, (iv) the contribution to understand the nature of light scalar mesons, and (v) the opportunity to search for narrow di-lepton resonances suggested by recent models proposing a hidden dark-matter sector. We also report on the e + e - physics in the continuum with the measurements of (multi)hadronic cross sections and the study of γ γ processes.
Partícules (Física nuclear)
Teoria de camps (Física)
Teoria quàntica
Mesons (Física nuclear)
Particles (Nuclear physics)
Field theory (Physics)
Quantum theory
Mesons (Nuclear physics)
(c) Società Italiana di Fisica & Springer Verlag, 2010
Società Italiana di Fisica & Springer Verlag

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