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Platinum Electrodeposition in an Ionic Liquid Analogue. Solvent Stability Monitoring
Gómez, Elvira; Vallés Giménez, Elisa
Universitat de Barcelona
The use of ionic liquid analogues as solvents has increased in order to substitute the aqueous solvents in some applications in which the side reactions are undesirable. However these solvents prepared from the mixture in the eutectic proportion of species establishing hydrogen bonds are susceptible of electrochemical reactions. The study of platinum deposition on vitreous carbon in an ionic liquid analogue (2 urea: choli ne chloride) is presented; the electrochemical study has permitted to interpret the sequence of the metal deposition process and simultaneously to analyze the behavior of the ionic liquid analogue along the process. Reduction reactions of the solvent relat ed both to the electronation of choline and hydrogen formation have been detected. Different substrata have been used in order to test the possibility and the extent of these reactions depending on the nature of material. The results indicate that the feas ible electrochemical window of the substrate/solvent is highly dependent of the kind of substrate; the negative limit is tied by the massive hydrogen reaction, reaction enhanced by the electrocatalytic character of the substrate.
Dissolvents no aquosos
Nonaqueous solvents
(c) ESG, 2013

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