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Enhancement of the photoelectrochemical properties of Cl-doped ZnO nanowires by tuning their coaxial doping profile
Fan, Jiandong; Güell Vilà, Frank; Fábrega, Cristian; Shavel, Alexey; Carreté, Àlex; Andreu Arbella, Teresa; Morante i Lleonart, Joan Ramon; Cabot i Codina, Andreu
Universitat de Barcelona
Arrays of vertically aligned ZnO:Cl/ZnO core-shell nanowires were used to demonstrate that the control of the coaxial doping profile in homojunction nanostructures can improve their surface charge carrier transfer while conserving potentially excellent transport properties. It is experimentally shown that the presence of a ZnO shell enhances the photoelectrochemical properties of ZnO:Cl nanowires up to a factor 5. Likewise, the ZnO shell promotes the visible photoluminescence band in highly conducting ZnO:Cl nanowires. These lines of evidence are associated with the increase of the nanowires" surface depletion layer
Pel·lícules fines
Òxid de zinc
Thin films
Zinc oxide
(c) American Institute of Physics , 2011
American Institute of Physics

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Shao, Feng; Fan, Jiandong; Hernández Ramírez, Francisco; Fábrega, Cristian; Andreu Arbella, Teresa; Cabot i Codina, Andreu; Prades García, Juan Daniel; López, Núria (López Alonso); Udrea, F.; De Luca, A.; Ali, Syed Zeeshan; Morante i Lleonart, Joan Ramon
Fan, Jiandong; Fábrega, Cristian; Zamani, Reza; Shavel, Alexey; Güell, Frank; Carrete, Alex; Andreu, Teresa; López Martínez, Antonio Miguel; Morante Lleonart, Joan Ramon; Arbiol, Jordi; Cabota, Andreu
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Shao, F.; Hernández Ramírez, Francisco; Prades García, Juan Daniel; Fàbrega i Claveria, Ma. Carme; Andreu Arbella, Teresa; Morante i Lleonart, Joan Ramon