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Technology transfer at the periphery of the Mycenaean world: the cases of Mycenaean pottery found in central Macedonia (Greece) and the Plain of Sybaris (Italy)
Buxeda i Garrigós, Jaume; Jones, R.E.; Kilikoglou, V.; Levi, S.T.; Maniatis, Y.; Mitchell, J.; Vagnetti, Lucia; Wardle, K.A.; Andreou, S.
Universitat de Barcelona
The study of technology transfer in pottery production to the periphery of the Mycenaean world has been addressed by considering two different areas, southern Italy and central Macedonia. Technological features such as ceramic paste, decoration and firing have been determined for different ceramic groups established according to provenance criteria. The studies of technology and provenance have been performed following an archaeometric approach, using neutron activation analysis, petrographic analysis, X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy. The results have revealed the existence of two different models. On the one hand, southern Italy seems to exhibit a more organized pottery production, which follows a Mycenaean-like technology, while in central Macedonia production is probably more varied, being based in part on the technology of the local tradition.
Ceràmica grega
Química arqueològica
Síbaris (Ciutat antiga)
Macedònia (Grècia)
Greek pottery
Archaeological chemistry
Sybaris (Extinct city)
Macedonia (Greece)
(c) University of Oxford, 2003
Oxford University, Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art

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