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Optical trapping: a review of essential concepts
Verdeny, Ione; Farré, Arnau; Mas Soler, Josep; López Quesada, Carol; Martín Badosa, Estela; Montes Usategui, Mario
Universitat de Barcelona
Optical tweezers are an innovative technique for the non-contact, all-optical manipulation of small material samples, which has extraordinarily expanded and evolved since its inception in the mid-80s of the last century. Nowadays, the potential of optical tweezers has been clearly proven and a wide range of applications both from the physical and biological sciences have solidly emerged, turning the early ideas and techniques into a powerful paradigm for experimentation in the micro- and nanoworld. This review aims at highlighting the fundamental concepts that are essential for a thorough understanding of optical trapping, making emphasis on both its manipulation and measurement capabilities, as well as on the vast array of important biological applications appeared in the last years.
Presión de Radiación
Trampas Ópticas
Pinzas Ópticas
Manipulación Óptica
Elementos Ópticos Holográficos
Moduladores Espaciales de Luz
Radiation Pressure
Optical Trapping
Optical Tweezers
Optical Manipulation
Holographic Optical Elements
Spatial Light Modulators
(c) Sociedad Española de Óptica, 2011
SEDO - Sociedad Española de Óptica

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