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Establishing the Stages and Processes of Change for Weight Loss by Consensus of Experts
Andrés, Ana; Saldaña García, Carmina; Gómez Benito, Juana
Universitat de Barcelona
The present study aimed to establish, by a consensus of experts, the stages and processes of change for weight management in overweight and obese people. The first step involved developing two questionnaires aimed at assessing stages and processes of change for weight loss in overweight and obese people. The processes-ofchange questionnaire consisted of 12 subscales, and contained 107 items. A three-round Delphi study was carried out through a website, where participants were asked to give their opinion about the representativeness and clarity of the scale items. The stages-of-change questionnaire consisted of five items and was presented in the final round of the study. A team of 66 experts in the obesity field from 29 countries participated in the study. They were selected either because they belonged to the organizing committee of international associations related to obesity, or because of their research career. The required changes in the questionnaire were made according to the opinions of the participants. Some of these were the result of the group statistical response, whereas others were due to the suggestions made by the participants. A final version of the questionnaire consisting of 63 items was eventually obtained. The present study produced two questionnaires to assess stages and processes of change for weight management. The strength of the study lies in the consensus reached by the panel of experts in order to establish the required content of the questionnaires. The two measures provide useful tools for practitioners who wish to tailor weight-management interventions according to transtheoretical model constructs.
Edats de la vida
Weight loss
Human life cycle
(c) The Obesity Society, 2009
NAASO, The Obesity Society

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Andrés, Ana; Gómez Benito, Juana; Saldaña García, Carmina
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