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Analysis of influential factors in the performance of abrasive cutting discs
Gomà Estadella, Gerard
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Departament d'Enginyeria Mecànica; Buj Corral, Irene
The following master thesis is an analysis of several factors that influence the performance of abrasive cutting discs. It has been done in collaboration with one of the most important companies worldwide in the construction tool industry. To keep the confidentiality of this company, this study will refer to it under the name HAG. Contrary to other tools, the performance of abrasive cutting discs is extremely variable depending on many different factors. These multiple factors are extremely diverse and can vary from storage conditions to tool usage. Therefore, this study is developed to obtain precise knowledge on these influential factors so that HAG can take advantage of their direct sales force to access their customers and train the users on how to maximize the performance of their HAG abrasive discs. Based on the available literature and interviews with experts in abrasives manufacturing and testing, this study provides a technical overview on abrasive discs properties, their manufacturing and the grinding process itself. Furthermore, it accurately identifies the most relevant influential factors on the performance of abrasive discs and specific tests are performed to quantify their impact. The mentioned tests provide solid results that have endowed HAG with a profound technical understanding about this sourced product. It has also enabled them to draw precise recommendations on key aspects to optimize the performance of HAG abrasive discs that sales representatives should use as selling arguments. This would not only increase the value of the discs but would also endow HAG salespeople with the image of product experts. The impact of the conclusions extracted from this study is highly interesting for HAG since the deep product knowledge provided will allow customers to use their discs more efficiently and this will, most certainly, imply an increase on the sales of abrasive discs at no additional cost.
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Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

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