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Comparative study of fire development in an office environment
Ruiz de la Fuente, Alvaro
Ziva Kristl
This master thesis addresses the effect of materials and security systems used in high-rise office buildings have on the evolution and spreading of fire. The first part of the thesis is a brief introduction to the nature of fire, how and why fire can develop. Also are described the three elements of triangle of fire (hazards of materials, sources of oxidants and sources of heat energy) as well as the effects of fire on people and the evolution of construction of high-rise buildings. In the second part of the thesis, are performed the simulations with different configurations and situations using the simulation tool FDS 5.2.0. Each simulation has a simulation report which explains what, how and why is happening in the simulation. The third and last part of the thesis is performed the analysis and comparisons between some cases with the aim of draw conclusions about the influence of materials and security systems in the evolution and spreading of fire.
Àrees temàtiques de la UPC::Edificació::Seguretat en la construcció
Building, Fireproof
Fires and fire prevention -- Office buildings
Construcció -- Proves d'incendis
Edificis d’oficines -- Incendis i prevenció d'incendis
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya;
Univerza Ljubljani

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