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Entwurf und Konstruktion einer Prüfvorrichtung zur Untersuchung von Kunststoffzahnrädern für einen Ölpumpenantrieb;
Design of a test device to analyse plastic gears in application for an oil pump drive
Bou Romano, Josep Maria
Fürstenberger, Matthias
The noise behaviour of a single stage spur gear should be optimized with regard to the development of automatic transmission. The gear stage id used to drive an oil pump in an automatic transmission, which provides the required flow for the hydraulic control system. For the optimization of the spur oil pump drive gear with respect to the gear howling noise, the use of alternative Materials, specially plastics, has to be researched. The changes should verify the lifespan using prototypes in life-tests. For that purpose a testing device should be designed, constructed and built as well as to define the load runs, to carry out the tests and to interpret the results. In addition, the coustic optimization can be demonstrated and evaluated on the test bench and in the vehicle. The key objectives of the task are: Designn, construction and assembly of a testing device. Search and establishment of alternative materials, specially plastics. Design and manufacture of prototypes. Implementation of acoustic tests and life tests. Documentation.
Gear pumps
Gearing -- Noise
Plastics -- Testing
Bombes d'engranatge
Engranatges -- Soroll
Plàstics -- Proves
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya;
Technishe Universität München

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